Camp Pringle

Ok, before you ask, you do not eat or make Pringle chips at this camp. Camp Pringle is an outdoor camp near Shawnigan Lake. It is also a sleep over camp for 3 nights and 4 days. At this camp the boys had a cabin ( called Laura Butler) and the girls had a cabin (called Branter) every single building is named after somebody who gave some donations to the camp. For example Grace building is the nurse’s office and somebody named Grace gave some money. Camp Pringle is a Christian camp (there is praying, thanking God for food, reflecting on our day).

George Pringle is the founder of Camp Pringle, thats where it got its name. Some of the things that we did there included canoeing, wide games, skits, eating chef Bob’s delicious food, archery, low ropes, group activities and much more! When we did canoeing it was very windy so the waves were huge! One of my friends boat got stuck in the middle of nowhere! Some of the group games we did included Capture the flag, Mission impossible, 4 way capture the flag, and evolution. My favourite game was Mission Impossible. If you are a camp leader or a teacher I will tell you how too play it. What you have too do is get Popsicle sticks and have 2 leaders hide with the Popsicle sticks and when the game starts one of the teams tries to find one person with Popsicle sticks and give it too the leader on your side but if the leader team catches you with a flash lite shined on you the Popsicle stick goes back. F.Y.I this game is played best in the dark. If you want to know how to play any of the other games I will answer them in the comments.

I really loved camp but it was super hard for me to go to bed. On the first night I felt homesick but after that I was much better. In the girls dorm there were 2 people in one room. My room mate is called Caoimhe pronounced Queeva. That trip is one camp I will never ever forget. I could write more but I have to go keep bugging my mum to put me in the summer Camp Pringle ! href=””>20130322-124209.jpg

10 thoughts on “Camp Pringle

  1. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself! 🙂
    Thank-you for explaining the Mission Impossible game as well, maybe I will use it sometime.
    Do you know of any other overnight summer camps on Vancouver Island?

  2. Claire :0) I LOVED Camp Pringle and spent the majority of my childhood summers as a camper there. I then joined the ‘crew’ team when I was a teenager and then later, became a camp leader. I loved everything about the camp expecially the archery, the outdoor Chapel, the campfire songs and silly skits and of course, Bob’s cooking. Can’t believe he is still cooking there!!!

  3. Hi Claire. What an interesting account of your fab time at Camp Pringle. Yes ( as a major fan of Pringle crisps here in the UK) I did think it was a dream come true being in a camp with a constant supply of my favourite and addictive snacks. I can still dream! I’m so glad you had such a good time. The only camps I have been on were with the Brownies – we had tents and sleeping bags, had to dig our own toilets and cook food over our camp fires. A lot of fun though it got pretty cold at night and I developed a taste for burnt sausages and fried bread – not too healthy I suppose. I hope you can go to the summer camp too as it sounds brilliant and you’ll know your way around and can help others settle in as well as you did. Enjoy your Easter break.

  4. Oh Claire! I am so glad you love camp! I loved camp with I was a kid and have lots of fun memories. I agree, it can be hard to go to bed, especially the first night. It takes some getting used to. Happy Camping!

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