Spring break trip to Seattle Washington

On Thursday March 27 my family sat in the car for 2.5 long hours. The place that we stayed at was a waterfront house that blew my mind. The sunsets and sunrises were beautiful and there were 4 queen sized beds plus a bunk bed! The best part of the trip was the weather. Every day it was 20°c! I felt like I would die because I only had 2 tank tops and no shorts. Just thinking of it makes me hot!

On Thursday we unpacked and bought food for the trip and ate a super late dinner -9:00pm-. And on Friday we stayed home until noon and then went to a famous market called Pike market. That was an awesome market for 2 reasons. #1 because we went to a seafood restaurant that isn’t very tidy, they dump your food on the table! That explains why they are called Crab Pot. #2 because there is this fish market where somebody ask’s what you want and then they throw the fish to the packing guy and they are about 10 meters apart! Surprisingly the fish tasted amazing!

Now I am going to write about my fabulous time in Hawaii! As soon as we got there we found our hotel and pulled on our swim suits and jumped into the pool! April fools day! The first trick I did on my sister was when she asked for toast with BUTTER, but I instead put on identical looking, yogurt. She chased me like crazy after that. After that my brother, sister, and I spent about 1 hour doing pranks on each other.

Now I am on a Ferry (believe it or not still in one piece) going safely home.


11 thoughts on “Spring break trip to Seattle Washington

  1. What an amazing trip! What an amazing life you have! It’s great seeing how you appreciate it all! Keep living for the moment and enjoy it all!

  2. Hey what a fab trip! I’ve never been to Seattle but when I do I shall definitely visit that fish restaurant – your Granddad and I eat lots of fish and seafood as we love it!
    Hope you didn’t eat too many Easter eggs last weekend – did you have an egg hunt when you were away? I’m afraid we ate far too much chocolate and have now decided not to eat any for the whole of April. I’m not sure we’ll be able to last out though!
    This comment is all about eating …how bizarre
    Love Jane x

  3. I loved reading your post Claire, about our family trip! This rainy weekend has made me wish we could go to Hawaii like in your April fool’s joke and experience more sun.

    Reading this has made me crave some chocolate 🙂

  4. Claire!
    Hawaii, you lucky ducks! That’s great you had some warmth 🙂 I have never been to Hawaii, but have always wanted to go to a luau to do the hula!! Did you do the hula ?
    Miss you kids 🙂
    Love allexa

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