My Awesome Parents

I have the best, most awesome, coolest, nicest, kindest, and smartest parents you will ever find. They take us on trips, let us go to amazing schools like St. Michaels University School, educate us in areas teachers can’t, they write books, and they make me laugh.

I love my parents because they care about me when I am upset or hurt. I feel very grateful to have loving parents because some people don’t have any. When I first got my braces on, my mom gave me ice cream and my dad made me soup for dinner. No matter what the case is, they always care about me.

I love my parents because they come to my sports events, musical events, school events, rehearsals or practices, you name it, they come to it. An example of this is when I went the VISSA regional track meet. My dad took time out of his day to watch me win the 100 m sprints. My mom always dropped me off and picked me up from weekend and afternoon opera rehearsals when I could have just walked home. My parents are very kind to take time out of their busy days for me.

Finally, I love my parents because they help me learn. For example, last year I was having trouble memorizing my timetables so my dad and my mom tried as hard as they could to help me. Now I have them memorized. During the summer, my parents buy us all work books to do. Mine has some grade 6 math in it, so it is a little tricky but I always count on them to help me. My parents love helping me learn.

In conclusion, I love my parents very much because they care about me, come to my events, and help me learn. I could not ask for new parents because I know that nothing is much better than them. I love you mom and dad!


6 thoughts on “My Awesome Parents

  1. …and they throw awesome parties! Seriously though Claire Bear …you are right, but believe me, they wake up every day feeling fortunate because they have you for a daughter…. you make them proud every day! I hope you’re having a fab holiday! xo

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