You Are Enough

Dear beautiful,

You are enough.

You are more than enough.

Whether you gain or lose weight I love you for you, not the size clothes you wear.

You are so much more than the digits you see on a scale. You are athletic, hilarious, kind, helpful, and so much more.

Your body hears every single word your mind says.

Every time you think that you had too many calories, or you aren’t skinny enough, your body is always eavesdropping.

Your body is a beautiful piece of the universe you have been given.

You were given it to love and cherish, not to wish it was different.

Your flaws are what make you you!

Nobody looks the way you do and you have to learn to embrace it, through every aspect that makes you confident AND self-conscious.

The words perfect and beautiful don’t have just one definition. Every human’s body is beautiful and perfect, which means there are seven billion different definitions for those words.

Losing weight does not cure negative body image. No matter how many diets and workouts you do, it won’t change what you think about yourself. You will be so much happier when you learn that your body should be a garden, not a prison cell.

Instead of desperately wanting to be skinnier, you should desperately want to become a confident girl who is comfortable in her own skin.

You are imperfect and flawed, but so is every person on this planet because there is no such thing as perfect and flawless. You may think your flaws are wrong, but in fact, that’s what makes you beautiful.

Have you ever really paid attention to how much your body loves you?

It’s on a 24/7 shift to keep you alive.

It’s making sure you take in enough oxygen.

It’s stopping wounds from spilling out too much blood.

It’s finding ways to attack illnesses that find their way inside you.

Your body spends every day loving you, it’s time you start loving it back.

When you feel like your body isn’t good enough, talk to yourself like you would to someone you love. Instead of drowning yourself in insults, shower yourself with compliments and helpful comments.

You are beautiful and your beauty lies in every imperfection you have.

Loving yourself is the greatest gift you will ever receive.


9 thoughts on “You Are Enough

  1. Wow Claire! What a beautiful post! You’re a strong writer.

    Do you remember me from SMUS after school care? I’m teaching online now – you can follow me here:

    Would love to reconnect with you and all of the after school care crew! Please share my profile with anyone who might be interested 🙂

    1. Claire & Carly! Claire, your mom told me about your blog just this week as we were talking about Gord Downie. I’ve been browsing your blog when I should be sleeping and then saw posts from Carly! I’ve deactivated my fb acct so sadly, lost contact with you carly!
      You can email, text, call or visited! 😘 To you and to Claire

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