My Hero

I’ve written a few sad posts about Gord Downie, and I don’t feel like I need to write another. I’ve said what I wanted to say, I’ve gotten all the devastating thoughts in my head on this blog already. I really miss him. I miss knowing that he’s breathing the same Canadian fresh air as me. I miss knowing that his new music will be on my phone every couple years. But,

There is something else I want to write about.

On October 18 I woke up at 6am for WE Day. We got ready, and as I was waiting for my other friends to get ready, I decided to check my phone.

I opened up Instagram to find a relative post a picture of Gord saying ‘Thank you for everything Gord’.

My heart stopped.

I immediately opened safari and searched for the news I was praying wouldn’t appear, but knew would.

I’ve never experienced heartbreak before, but at that moment that was all I could feel. Ten minutes before our bus was leaving to Rogers Arena, I was a mess.

I wanted to be anywhere than at WE Day. We got to the arena, and I was definitely not in the WE Day mood.

As the concert started, the Kielbergers came on and did a tribute to Gord. They explained his music, and most importantly his legacy. One thing they said really stood out for me.

“When young people would go up to Gord and ask how they can help with reconciliation, Gord would say ‘well what can you bring to the table?’. Gord brought attention to reconciliation through music. I know that each and every one of you has something they can bring”.

Maybe it was the fact that I was at WE Day and it motivated me, but I decided something.

I decided that I want to carry on Gord’s legacy. I want to use my writing and speaking skills to bring attention to First Nation’s people and reconciliation. I will make a difference, even if it is small. I know that Gord would want to see young people taking initiative, and it starts with me.

First Nations are one of us, they are part of our country, culture, and history. They deserve to be appreciated and respected.

I started a GoFundMe page for the Gord Downie and Channie Wenjack fund, and I really hope you consider donating. It’s a small way for us to show appreciation to the Downie’s and Wenjack’s, but it also gives us a way to show our love for Indigenous people.

Gord is my hero. I have grown up with his music and messages. I wouldn’t be who I am without his impact on me. He has taught me to always stand up for what’s right, and always follow my beliefs no matter what anyone thinks. One of the more important things he has taught me is to love myself. You only have one short life and don’t waste a second of it wishing you were someone else. His legacy must be continued. Be it as small as a little donation. Thank you for everything Gord, Canada misses you.

Link for my GoFundMe:



11 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. With the passing of Gord Downie, Canada has indeed lost an amazing human being. Hats off to you for channeling your grief into this desire to help Gord’s effort to foster reconciliation!

  2. I know that you and the entire family must be saddened by the loss of Gord. Who was an inspiration to many. Good for you Claire, in wanting do something positive in remembrance .

    Lots of live

  3. What can you bring to the table?

    What an awesome challenge! It is so important to look within for solutions rather than get bogged down by problems. Of all the words you could have highlighted, a call for advocacy was a beautiful choice, Thanks Claire!

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