how to use your privilege for good

I was born into one of the most privileged societies in the world.

I am in a safe country. I am blessed with one of the best educations in the world. I live in a beautiful home. I feel safe in my home. I just had my gall bladder removed, and it didn’t cost my family a penny. When I get a paycheck, it’s for me to spend, I don’t have to contribute to my family. It’s not a matter of will I eat, it’s what will I eat.

I am white.

I have never experienced a true struggle. I have never been scared for my life. I have never ever been scared when I see a police car. I have never been judged based on the colour of my skin. I have never been intentionally, physically injured by someone. I have never been denied an opportunity because of my race.

The list goes on and on.

This is my privilege.

If you can make a list like I can, you are privileged too. And even if the only thing on your list is the fact that you are white, your list is already a hundred times longer than the list of a person of colour.

One privilege that I am overwhelmingly grateful for having, is the fact that I get to learn about racism and not have grown up with it.

I have the privilege to do research about black oppression and police brutality. Not once have my parents ever had to sit me down and explain how to deal with police officers.

A girl I used to play soccer with posted a photo on Instagram saying “All Lives Madownload (3)tter” with a bunch of bible quotes. I responded with this image:

She responded by saying she believes all lives matter is the proper statement, because where she comes from white genocide is a huge issue. I was in disbelief. Any genocide is terrible and completely inhumane. But that’s in one part of the world, there has been black murder for centuries in all parts of the world. All lives DON’T matter right now! Innocent black lives are being thrown away for no good reason! That doesn’t sound to me like all lives matter. Just because you say black lives matter, doesn’t mean you are implying that white genocide is not a big problem. It means that at this given moment, we need to support our brothers and sisters of colour. We need to use our privilege for good, to stand up and alongside the black community.

If you are staying silent right now, you are doing more harm than good. Being silent is a form of racism.

You don’t have to go to the protests. I wish I could go to the one happening in my city tomorrow, but unfortunately I just had surgery. But you have to do something. Signing petitions takes less than a minute. Donate what you would normally spend on a coffee from your favourite cafe, and donate that to bail funds and organizations supporting black lives matter. Do something.

The white race has been taking from the black community for centuries. We took their time, energy and entire lives with slavery. We took their families and ripped them apart so that we wouldn’t have to work as hard as we needed to.

And now, we have taken so many opportunities from the black community. Police brutality has claimed so many innocent lives.

When you are born white, it’s like you have a thirty-second head start in a race. It’s time we slow down and finish the race together as one.



9 thoughts on “how to use your privilege for good

  1. Well said Claire, I couldn’t agree more. It’s important to stand up for what we believe in and use our voice, especially if we are privileged and will have our voice heard louder.
    Well done for commenting on your friends post by spreading support through love and education.
    Power from Aus.

  2. Hi Claire. Thank you for your impassioned post. I’m so glad that you’re able to express yourself so forcefully and that you have developed an understanding of the social inequalities that exist all over the world. Hang on to your anger and frustration, as it’ll serve you well. I didn’t develop this burning sense of injustice until my twenties, so you’re way ahead of me! Channel your feelings into discovering more, join national and international groups to lobby, create awareness and fundraise. I’m a member of Amnesty International, Liberty UK and Human Rights Watch. University will help you to further develop your activism and viewpoint – there’s so much that you can achieve.
    Love, Jane x

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