School is starting!

On Wednesday, September 3, I will finally be back at school! I feel very lucky that I go to a private school because we don’t have to deal with the strike. I studied politics in school last year and I was the Minister of Education so I know about the issues that are going on. Wherever we drive we always see teachers, parents, students, and sometime dogs, trying to help.

I am going into Grade 6 which means transferring from the Junior School to the Middle School! It seems so incredibly big. I am very happy about all the teachers I got, and the friends that are in my classes. We have around 45 new kids coming, I can’t wait to meet them. I met a few of them already and they are very nice.

Some of the things I am looking forward to: grade 6/7 soccer team, lockers, over night trips, performing The Wizard of Oz, learning Mandarin, having P.E on a HUGE field, bigger school, going to different classrooms for each class, more freedom, exams, new teachers, and more clubs.

I think that this year will be an amazing year! I can’t wait for all the memories to be made.


5 thoughts on “School is starting!

  1. Hi Claire

    Thank you for your note and the great photo of the three of you. Congratulations on moving to the middle school, I can feel your positive spirit and enthusiasm as you move onward and outward and upward to all the experiences awaiting you. I agree with you that it sounds amazing! Have fun, and stay safe! Love, Frances

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